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Connect your embedded device to any pc via a UART port and CONtrol, TEST, and debug your application in a matter of minutes using a custom GUI consisting of a few lines of text. 

In addition to processors, ConTest also supports FPGA systems. VHDL routines are used to generate the required serial signals. Sample code to achieve this can be found on the internet.

The physical connection between the target system and pc is via two serial IO pins, and a readily available UART to USB lead.

In the simplest implementation, ConTest can be used to replace a 'traditional' terminal program, such as HyperTerminal, and display serial messages as they are sent from the target. No special message formatting is required, and the application opens in this mode.


Often, when developing systems, a particular set of variables or values requires monitoring. This can be achieved using a terminal window, but this rapidly becomes difficult to manage when several variables are involved, together with other general status information and error messages. This is where the power of ConTest comes in. Through formatted ascii message strings, many types of controls and ways of displaying data are easily implemented on the ConTest display panel, arranged to the user's requirements. These configurations can be used as simple development aids, or as more permanent control panels for long-term control of the target system, with no programming of the display hardware required.


Examples of the type of controls possible can be seen in the integral demo screens which can be accessed by simple selection from the button on the application. These require no external hardware or set-up to run.


ConTest features a data-logging and analysis tool, where all messages can be collected, time-stamped, and stored to a text file. Data can be collected over extended time periods if required, in order to capture infrequent events. The stored data can be analysed as a text file, or can be re-played through ConTest as if it were live data. The file can be played back at one message at a time, or speeded up, to analyse particular events of interest.

ConTest is available as a FREE download, which includes a 30 day trial licence. A low-cost, full licence can be obtained on-line from the download page.. 

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ConTest Software

Countercheck announces an exciting new pc application designed to control, test, and debug embedded programs running on any platform with an available serial port. (Minimum of 2 external pins required)

The software runs on a Windows® pc (other systems supported in the future). No pc programming or compiler required. The application is driven by simple text commands from within the target system.


See ConTest page for details!

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