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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ConTest?

ConTest is a GUI for microprocessor or FPGA programs which runs on a PC. The GUI controls are defined by the user as a set of simple text messages, either embedded in the microprocessor code, or in a text file.


What platforms does it run on?

ConTest is optimised for Windows® 10. Future versions are planned for Linux and Android operating systems.


What target processors are supported?

ConTest can be run on any processor or FPGA which has a serial port available.


What if I don't have a free serial port?

If a hardware serial port is not available, one can be generated in code, as only two signals (Tx and Rx) are needed for communication. This means ConTest can be run on virtually any processor or FPGA, on any board with two pins free.


What hardware do I need?

A standard USB serial lead is the only hardware required.


How do I use this to control my program?

When a GUI button is pressed, or a value entered, a user-defined text message is sent to the target. This can be any format you wish, and can be as simple as a single character, to make message handling easy. How the target uses the messages is up to you.


Can I record messages?

Yes, all messages sent in both directions can be saved, time-stamped, in a text file for later analysis. This can be used to debug infrequent events, and provide a log of activity over an extended period.


How frequently can I update the display?

Although the baud rate selected can be high, we recommend that the overall update rate is limited in the target code. Updates at greater than 10 per second cannot be resolved by a human operator, can cause problems with the PC operating system, and may cause buffer overflows, particularly with a slower machine.


What happens if I get a "DLL file access error"?

If this happens, close ConTest and then re-run as Administrator. (Right-click on ConTest.exe and select "Run as administrator"). You should only need to do this once.

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ConTest Software

Countercheck announces an exciting new pc application designed to control, test, and debug embedded programs running on any platform with an available serial port. (Minimum of 2 external pins required)

The software runs on a Windows® pc (other systems supported in the future). No pc programming or compiler required. The application is driven by simple text commands from within the target system.


See ConTest page for details!

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